Inspired by the potential of raw materials, we celebrate imperfection and embrace textural richness. We craft and curate furniture that is great outdoors – and in. Designed in-house and in collaboration with renowned designers, our furniture is in its element when it’s out in the elements

Outdoor Furniture Range


Our Materials

We’re going for the natural look, because Mother Nature is a stunner. We celebrate the inherent beauty of a material and all its imperfections. That means our team of craftspeople and collaborators design with minimal intervention in the process of curating the highest quality materials and furniture.



Our furniture products are designed to grow with a space, amid all its changes and ages and experiences. So we work with designers who understand that, who have a strong connection to place and a deep comprehension of the environment. Our collaborations with talented designers result in collections that express and enable the best of the natural world.



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Design Collaborations