Great design starts from the ground up. The surfaces we’ve walked on for time immemorial offer a structure, familiarity and warmth that can’t be manufactured – and we embrace that. The character and tactility of our flooring provides a foundation for your vision. We offer our flooring in unique colours, textures, finishes and formats to spark endless design inspiration. We’re always developing new products and experimenting with bespoke applications to fit almost any brief you throw at us.
Scla travertine used a coping around the pool

Natural Stone

We believe Mother Nature is the best architect, and we borrow from her. Natural stone – tough, tactile, long-lasting – is shaped over millions of years, and has served as a building material for centuries. We celebrate the material’s unique personality and organic variations, sourcing the best raw material and experimenting with colour, texture and format until we create something extraordinary.



While natural textures are the heart of Eco Outdoor, sometimes you need a material that goes where stone cannot. Technifirma® – our only man-made architectural surface – is designed to complement the colours and textures of our natural stone range, withstanding heat and heavy traffic areas. It is also perfect for pool surfaces, readily submersible under water.



Showcasing an earthy grey palette and textural finish, our wood floorboards are made from the highest quality French oak. Produced by European craftspeople well-versed in the art of aged wood, each piece of timber is finished by hand using a traditional natural finishing process that creates an authentic aged patina. The resulting floorboards – designed to exist harmoniously with our stone flooring – gracefully reflect the passage of time.