The story behind Graya Construction

Rob and Andrew Gray have quickly propelled their business from building small decks and renovating bathrooms to purchasing the worst properties on the street and turning them into desirable homes with a hefty price tag.

“I guess you can describe us as the new-age builders”, says Rob. With a background in cabinetry, Rob and his brother Andrew, an experienced estimator, decided to join forces to become a leading build and develop company in Brisbane.

But what sets Graya Construction apart from those in the industry is their appreciation for high-end design and their regular collaboration with well-known architects like Shaun Lockyer Architects, Cavill Architects and Joe Adsett just to name a few.

Graya Construction
KenmoreHills House designed by Shaun Lockyer Architect built by Graya Constructions

“We have a passion for quality architecture and a strong desire to separate ourselves from the budget flippers”, says Rob who is more than willing to factor in the cost of experienced architects into their development budget.

We put a lot of time in making sure we are delivering a really good product to our clients and building a positive reputation off the back of that.

Their attention to detail and desire to deliver houses that are not only built well but function and look great has certainly paid off. Today, the brothers employ a growing team of 20 staff of mostly carpenters.

“Having an in-house team rather than contractors provides us with greater control over the quality and availability”, says Rob. This is no doubt vital as Graya Construction rolls out up to eight homes annually with the Gray brothers aspiring to continue to grow as a company.

Getting to their current position hasn’t been smooth sailing explains Rob, who admits the industry has its challenges. “There are spikes and hurdles everywhere in the building game and it’s never smooth sailing.” Rob goes on to explain you really don’t have the luxury to give up or get down. Clearly, their drive and persistence is helping Rob and Andrewexcell in this demanding and competitive industry.

Graya Constructions 17
Brothers Rob (left) and Andrew Gray of Graya Construction

And then there’s working with your brother which Rob admits “has its days”. With a reputation as a micromanager, Rob continually keeps his older brother on his toes to ensure everything is on track. However, he admits the benefits of working with a sibling outweigh the problems with both determined to grow and produce the best products possible. “There really is no filter and we’re happy to call each other out when needed”.

Working as a team since 2012 has been very rewarding with Graya Construction relishing in several career highlights. “A standout project that really transformed us into the high-end industry was a property in Kenmore which featured Eco Outdoor’s Crackenback,” says Rob.

Designed by Shaun Lockyer, this was “a game changer” and helped shine a light on their brand. “We also recently transformed two big hoarder’s houses which got a bit of traction,” says Rob.

Bursting with energy, it’s onwards and upwards for the brothers. “We’re pushing price brackets that we haven’t dabbled in before which is exciting and daunting at the same time.” With the next 12 months booked out, Rob and Andrew are continually moving the goal posts with every development guaranteed to be bigger and better than the last.  So what’s next for this innovative duo? Rob hints that Graya Construction may consider diving into the multi-residential space in the future.

As for his advice for anyone looking to enter the flipping game, Rob recommends you simply jump in and have a go as soon as you can. Judging by his immense passion for the industry, a career building quality homes with an architectural focus is a highly rewarding experience.

You can find more about Graya Construction here.