With some quick updates, you can revitalise your outdoor furniture just in time for your next BBQ gig and those lazy afternoons spent in the sunshine.

1. Clean it up

Giving your outdoor furniture a thorough clean will make a huge difference to how it looks in your outdoor space.

Dust off any cobwebs that have gathered, including those underneath and in hard to reach places. Afterwards, give the surfaces a good hose down. Depending on how exposed your furniture is to the elements and how dirty, you may need to give it a scrub with warm soapy water. This will help get grime, bird poo and unwanted marks off your furniture.

You can ways to bring your timber furniture back here.

2. Revitalise your outdoor fabric

Upholstered outdoor furniture that’s been sitting outside with water pooling on the surface will be at risk of developing mildew. Nothing can date your furniture like mould!

Giving the fabric of your outdoor furniture and cushions a good clean can help improve the aesthetics of your pieces. However, for those whose furniture has surrendered to the daily pressures of outdoor life and simply can’t be rescued, reupholstering may be the next best option.

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3. Dress your furniture

Courtyard space with Eco Outdoor cushions by Growing Rooms

If your outdoor lounges or chairs are looking a little faded and tired, dressing them with cushions could be all you need to refresh your outdoor space.

Scatter cushions in a weatherproof fabric not only look great, they’re hardwearing and comfortable too. It’s also one of the most inexpensive ways you can transform your outdoor furniture from drab to fab!

Accessorising with outdoor bean bags or seat pads can also inject a pop of colour and expand on your comfortable seating.

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4. Create shade

A durable umbrella can be a great solution for those gardens that are heavily exposed to the sun. They can also complete your outdoor furniture setting and entice you to get outside more often.

Like your upholstered furniture, if you’ve folded your umbrella away all winter, left it exposed to the elements or simply purchased one made of inferior weather resistant fabric, chances are mildew has built up.

Simply fill a bucket with white vinegar and warm water. Scrub any black stains and visible mould with a brush before giving it a good hose down. Allow it to dry in the sun before folding it down.

If your umbrella can’t stand up to the harsh weather conditions, perhaps it’s time to trade it in for a more durable one!

5. Clean up your flooring


When updating your outdoor furniture, it’s important to have a look at the surface it’s sitting on.

If you have decking, a good clean and oil can breathe new life into your space. Likewise, for those with natural stone paving, a good clean and seal will make a huge difference to the overall look of your outdoor space.

We offer some cleaning and sealing tips here.