As the timber weathers, the rich tones fade and the surface ages.  While some love the silvery grey patina, others desire the vibrant, ‘like-new’ feel.  If you’re seeking the showroom beauty and want your table looking this good, take a look at these tips on how to bring your outdoor table back.

Clean it

With a stiff brush, clean off any leaves, spider webs or bird poop that is littering your outdoor table.  Remove any loose dirt in between the cracks before giving it a good spray with a hose.  If your table has been neglected, mix five tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with a tablespoon of bleach in a large bucket and wash the surface well.  Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Strip it

If your metal frame is covered in rust spots, use a metal brush or steel wool to remove.  Where your outdoor timber table is painted, strip any flaking or peeling paint back to the bare wood or metal with sandpaper.  Just don’t be too aggressive.

Protect it

Unless you protect your timber surface with an oil, it will naturally turn a silvery grey.  How much exposure your table has to the sun and rain, will dictate how often you need to refinish the timber.  Make sure your table is clean and dry before you apply.  Metal can be brought back to life with a thin coat of car wax and if you are going to paint the frame, avoid painting the base of the legs as this will rub off onto your flooring.

Maintain it

Giving your outdoor table a regular hose down during the times it is highly used will eliminate staining from debris or spills.

If all else fails, you know where to come to get a new one!