With the weather warming up and holidays in our sights, our co-owner Jen Stumbles shares her advice on creating a relaxing outdoor oasis with Australian House & Garden.

H&G: what outdoor trends are emerging for summer 2016/17?

Jen: Large timber tables perfect for sprawling Sunday lunches, mix-and-match decor and oversized lounges and chairs for a chilled-out atmosphere. We are also seeing the revival of terracotta and clay for outdoor walling.

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H&G: what materials and finishes will best weather the Australian climate?

Jen: Teak can withstand the Australian climate and suits coastal aesthetics.

Specialised outdoor acrylic fabrics are sturdy enough for harsh weather; however always look for quick-dry foam in cushions to minimise the chance of mould.

In terms of flooring, sawn bluestone is best for around a pool due to its non-slip qualities, while natural stone is highly practical, durable and visually pleasing for outdoor areas.

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H&G: what are some easy ways to update an outdoor living area?

Add some new accessories and laid-back furnishings such as scatter cushions and bean bags to your outdoor-entertaining area. Spend some time getting your lighting right – think festoon lights and candelabras or hurricane lanterns with candles instead of globes. Finally, consider adding some colour into your garden by planting some annuals.

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H&G: What are your top tips for entertaining?

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Make sure there are plenty of places to sit. Whether it’s a scatter cushion, bar stool, bean bag or modular sofa, you want your guests to always be comfortable. Have some outdoor umbrellas handy in case of light rain or too much sun; it’s always practical to have some shade nearby. Keep the mozzies away!

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