Chasing slow this summer

Summer gives us a chance to unwind, declutter the mind and be present. It offers the opportunity to practice the art of slow living – to live deliberately and enjoy the everyday moments.

Slow living is all about breathing easy, taking your shoes off to feel the sand between your toes and seeing the beauty in imperfection.

Leading up to the festive season, we tend to live life in the fast lane. Our weekends are booked out with work drinks, social catch-ups and family engagements. We go from one deadline to the next. Breakfast is eaten on the run and lunch at the desk. We spend more and forget what it’s like to live with less. We’re in constant motion; highly connected but disconnected at the same time.

This summer we encourage you to chase the slow. To worry less and care more. To live mindfully, enjoy the spontaneous moments and revel in simplicity.

Finish that book. Sleep in and stay up late. Disconnect from the Gram and reconnect with those around you. Take off your watch and remove your shoes. Find pleasure in solitude balanced with precious moments with others. Learn to say no and remember to say yes.

Trade in your to-do list. Go outside and play. Embrace boredom. Recalibrate.

This summer, chase slow.