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5 things you should know

1. When planning a pool it’s important to do your homework. The general life of a pool is 20 + years so make sure your final finishes and products will perform well for that time. Sometimes it may mean spending a little more upfront, but it’s worth it, and cheaper, in the long run.

Greg Fell, Aloha Pools VIC


2. Get inspired. Pool design is so diverse, take some time to look through books and magazines to find examples that work with both your lifestyle and design aesthetic. Keep copies of all the styles you like and clever ideas you would like to incorporate to discuss with your designer.

John Storch, A Total Concept Landscape Architects NSW


3. Make sure the pool is visible from a key point in the house, such as the kitchen. This allows for easy supervision and peace of mind without disrupting your day as well.

Will Marcus, Argo Projects QLD


4. If you’re building your house and landscape from scratch wrap your home around the pool. It creates a soothing yet spectacular centrepiece for your home and perfectly integrates the exterior landscape with the building’s architecture.

Sarah Martin, Urban Oasis SA


5. Think beyond the pool. When planning, make sure you consider your lifestyle and how you like to use your outside space and design a pool that complements these requirements. If you have young children that love playing on the lawn, replacing this with pool decking may not be the best use of space.

Jamie Gough, J& S Creative Pools and Landscapes WA