6 Summer Outdoor Decorating Ideas

With summer underway, we’re planning to spend a whole lot more time outdoors.  As the temperatures increase and the sun outshines the spring rains, its time for entertaining, relaxation and play outside.

These simple decorating ideas can make your outdoor space all the more inviting this summer.

1. Cooking amenities

Summer Decorating Tips 06
A hibachi grill is the perfect option for when you don’t want to fire up the major grill

Whether you are a master of the four-burner barbecue or desire an easy way to serve up a delicious feast outdoors, cooking amenities are a must-have this summer. Make the most of your outdoor kitchen, invest in a freestanding barbecue or impress your guests with a Hibachi grill.

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2. Impromptu dining set up

Summer Decorating Tips 04
Effortless styling for casual summer outdoor entertaining

Palettes have been used in creative ways over the years but still remain a cost-effective and easy way to increase your dining space for outdoor parties or an effortless picnic in the garden.  Simply stack a couple of palettes and dress with quality Belgian linen to make a stylish setting.

3. Comfortable seating

Summer Decorating Tips 02
Our Byron Bean Bags create the perfect summer escape

Balconies, patios and large sprawling gardens could all benefit from comfortable outdoor seating. Kick back and enjoy the sunshine or the shade of a tree in a beanbag or chaise this summer.

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4. Accessorise with plants

Summer Decorating Tips 01
A collection of pots is an easy way to add interest to any outdoor space | Garden: Outdoor Establishments

Potted plants are an easy solution to enhance the appeal of any outdoor space. Place a collection of pots in a corner to bring greenery to your balcony, create interest on your patio or to enhance the privacy of your outdoor area.

5.  Play a flick

Summer Decorating Tips 05
Once you’ve set your outdoor cinema up, don’t forget your movie treats!

This summer host a movie night in your backyard.  All you’ll need is a projector and a laptop, a power source, wireless speakers and a large white sheet to use as the cinema screen. Lay out a few blankets, outdoor cushions, bean bags and position your outdoor lounge ready for a night of entertainment.

6. Lit up a fire pit

Summer Decorating Tips 03
Liven up the atmosphere in your outdoor space by adding a firepit like this Robert Plumb ‘Angelina’ fire pit | Garden: Fig Landscapes

Warm evenings spent outdoors is one of our favourite past times and a fire pit is a great way to ramp up the atmosphere. Huddle around the flames with a glass of wine or join the kids in toasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

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