Villa De Fleurs
Villa des Fleurs
Sunshine Coast, Australia
On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Villa des Fleurs distils a European sensibility with coastal ease, producing a setting of luxurious tactility underscored by an organic foundation of our Cotto Luce flooring.
Interior Design
CLO Studios
Pablo Veiga
Jack Clissold
Blossoming from humble beginnings, Villa des Fleurs (“house of flowers”) is an elevated reimagining of a 70s-era brick home, enriched by the creative prowess of its designer owners. It celebrates traditional craftsmanship in contemporary design. 

Villa De Fleurs

Grounding the residence with organic materials plays a pivotal role in the home’s interior experience. Of the Cotto range, which varies from rustic red to rich charcoal, Luce proved the ideal choice for Villa des Fleurs. For the interiors, the rawness of light terracotta in a spectrum of natural clay tones communes easily with ivory rendering and pops of playful colour throughout.

“Inspired by our love of history, culture and artisanal skill, we are drawn to the old ways of creating.” Chloe
Villa De Fleurs

It is this respect for time-honoured techniques that drew Chloe and Jack to our Cotto range of tiles for the home’s flooring. Aligning in ethos, both parties celebrate traditional craftsmanship and the way it can elevate contemporary design.

Villa De Fleurs

Outside, it forms a robust foundation for the alfresco lifestyle that characterises the Sunshine Coast, and its earthy tones are the perfect complement to the lush garden. Designed to age with grace, the tiles possess a surprising softness that mellows further with time.

Villa De Fleurs

Preserving centuries-old manufacturing processes, Cotto tiles are hand-moulded and kiln-fired in Italy. Each terracotta block emerges from the flames nuanced with a unique fingerprint, imparting an inimitable finish to the home and reinforcing the project’s bespoke nature.

Preserving centuries-old manufacturing processes, Cotto tiles are hand-moulded and kiln-fired in Italy.
Villa De Fleurs
Elemental influences are front and centre, with the earthen palette, metals, timbers and rendered surfaces anchored by the solidity and inherent calm of our Cotto Luce tiles – each one a timeless slice of authentic Italian artistry.
From curious art pieces to high-end finishes and deeply layered textures, it’s clear that detail drives the home’s distinct charm. “Villa des Fleurs is a haven for us.” Chloe says

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