Temple House featuring Broma Walling
Temple House
Sydney, Australia
Architecturally, Temple House is designed in response to the constraints and opportunities imposed by its context.
Walter Barda Design
Studio Snoop
Temple House Body 1

Set within the Sydney suburb of Bayview, situated by a busy road to one side and sweeping views of Pittwater to the other, with the waterfront and a private beach accessed down a steep pathway. Walter Barda Design focused on developing the journey of ascent and descent connecting the landscape to the house – seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces and crafting an original, contemporary building inspired by the forms found in traditional Asian design.

Temple House Body 2

The vision for Temple House leant into Eco Outdoor’s history in the landscape and construction sector, requesting architectural surfaces capable of balancing functionality with aesthetic refinement. The brief stipulated a robust material for external application to prevent road noise from penetrating the home whilst contributing to a sophisticated and textural façade. Engaging both the street and the private beach, a singular material was specified to establish a sense of spatial continuity across the property. Utilising layered materials intended to age gracefully with time, the architects sought a foundation of rich and appropriate materiality, which would give Temple House the appearance of having already been firmly embedded into the built fabric of Bayview for many years.

Temple House Body 3

Answering the brief, Eco Outdoor’s Broma® natural stone walling and Lunar wood flooring was provided in a consistent, timely and cost-effective manner. Broma® stone walling functions as a sound barrier protecting the internal home from the bustle of the street. Featuring varied lengths and understated colouring – grey, brown and white – the stone lends itself to a visually elevated outcome. Also applied at the back of the house, the walling creates material continuity from the front of the property down to the private beach, where the sandy quality of the stone is enhanced to subtly embrace the beachside lifestyle. Internally, Lunar wood flooring is applied in an extra-long length to the upstairs bedrooms, enlivening the spaces with a sense of modernity. A hand-finished French oak with a distressed appearance, the material injects a feeling of both warmth and age into the home.

“Eco Outdoor products were chosen for their durability and rich textural qualities,” explains Mathew Mariani, Project Architect at Walter Barda Design. “The palette reflects the WBD catalogue of projects, exploring façade modulation and the layering of materials and textures.” The Eco Outdoor products deliver on a distinct appreciation of aged surfaces and patina. “The combination of Eco Outdoor’s Broma® stone walling and Lunar floorboards, with charred black timber cladding and rusticated terracotta roofing captures a richness that embodies the architectural design intent. A dynamic contrast is achieved with the use of Tadelakt polished plaster to the interior walls as it provides a purity that the earthier materials do not possess.”
Temple House Body 8

The Final Result

Capitalising on the Eco Outdoor offering, Walter Barda Design and Studio Snoop craft a home that effectively responds to its surroundings. The additions of Broma® stone walling and Lunar wood flooring enable a dignified residence that showcases the best qualities of a natural materiality.

Temple House

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