What is Technifirma®?

Technifirma® is a new flooring range that utilises innovative technology to create a high-performing material with a similar appearance to natural stone.

The tiles are cut from large slabs of the material which are obtained by vitrification. This manufacturing process involves the fusion of several natural, raw materials before being fired and pressed into a mould. Some of the materials used to create the slabs include sand, quartz, feldspars, kaolin and clays. Natural colourants are added to create a range of colour options.

In the Technifirma® range, you’ll find 6 products with distinctive looks including:

  • Chimney Sweep – rich grey, textural tones
  • Flint – light, earthy natural tones with light flecks
  • Grey Goose – warm grey with dark and light flecks
  • Mrs Char – rich, dark variations of charcoal
  • Muddled Crow – fluid warm grey and white tones
  • Riverdance – soft, light sand tones with cream veining

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What are the benefits of Technifirma® tiles?

Technifirma® tiles were born out of the need for a versatile and extremely durable flooring that could be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. There are several benefits of using these tiles in your project:

Technical characteristics

It is a durable flooring product that is resistant to heavy loads, stains, chemicals and abrasions. It is also easy to clean, has low water absorption results, is anti-slip, and sealing is not required. Such features make it suitable for installation in high traffic areas, driveways and pools.


Not only is Technifirma® hard-wearing, but it is also a consistently strong material. When tested for strength, each tile produced the same results. This means it has a consistent modulus of rupture and therefore, is ideal to be installed in high traffic applications or a raised pedestal system. They can even be used internally in a swimming pool.

Natural Appearance

Using natural raw materials, the tiles offer similar colour tones and textural variation as natural stone. They’re also available in a range of large format styles to complement your design.

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