What is teak?

‘What is teak?’ is a common question we are asked when people are looking for outdoor furniture. Teak is a hardwood that is extensively used in indoor and outdoor applications from general construction such as decking and cladding too outdoor furniture pieces and boat building.

Teak wood features a close-grain that is typically straight, although the texture is often naturally uneven, ranging from smooth to coarse. The freshly cut timber has a distinctive aroma and features golden brown colour tones, often with hints of red and grey threading through. When left to naturally weather, teak turns a beautiful silver grey patina.

Teak is a strong timber that is easily worked with, holding screws and nails well. Paints bond well to its surface and stains are optimally absorbed. For internal finishes, waxes and varnishes also exhibit good adherence to teak wood.

Metal commentary and fixing won’t corrode the hardwood and it is also highly resistant to acids. Teak wood’s strength, its imperviousness against rotting, ability to be unaffected by termites and high resistance against the sun and rain, is what makes teak one of the most durable timbers available.


How is teak used?

As the properties of teak are so well regarded, the hardwood is used in a variety of interior and exterior applications.

For centuries, teak has been considered a prized building material for the marine industry due to its performance under extreme weather conditions. Onboard, you’ll find teak used for marine trim and millwork, decking, built in outdoor furniture and interior cladding and flooring. It’s also used to construct hatches, bulwarks and boat doors.

Teak is used in the general construction of buildings and is a common material for framing, cladding, fascias, decking and flooring. It’s also used for parquetry, carving, lining and panelling of interior and exterior spaces.

Teak is considered one of the most superior timbers for outdoor furniture due to its natural weather-resistant properties and longevity. As it is relatively easy to work with, you’ll find outdoor tables, benches, storage and dining chairs made of teak.

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