Choosing outdoor furniture made of galvanised steel construction will help ensure your pieces ware well under exterior conditions. Here, we explain what the material is and its advantages.

What is galvanised steel?

Galvanised steel refers to a zinc oxide coating that bonds to the base steel. This creates a more textural appearance and adds as a form of protection making it longer lasting against the external elements.

During a typical galvanisation process, the steel is hot dipped into the zinc to create a thick layer to the base steel. Zinc can also be sprayed onto the surface, however, this is not as common as this process creates a thinner layer and therefore weaker.

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What are the advantages of galvanised steel?

There are several advantages to choosing an outdoor furniture piece manufactured using galvanised steel:


It is a material renowned for its longevity lasting for over 20 years even when exposed to severe weather conditions including water exposure.

Minimal maintenance

Unlike raw steel, galvanised steel requires very little maintenance to keep looking good and performing well. This is especially important when used for outdoor furniture.

Rust resistance

One of the main advantages of the material is it’s resistance against rust thanks to the zinc coating. This protects the steel from damage by moisture and oxygen exposure.


While the material may cost more initially, it has proven to be an economical material in the long run. It is also one of the less expensive protective steel coating options available.

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