What are homogenous tiles?

Homogenous tiles are made of fine porcelain clay and natural materials that are fired at high temperatures using innovative technology. This results in a highly dense and durable tile when compared to ceramic tiles.

The pavers are also less porous and therefore less prone to moisture and stain absorption than other tiles. The material is inherently non-slip and very easy to maintain long-term. They are also renowned for their consistent flexural strength (MOR) and aren’t likely to warp with age.

The durability and performance of homogenous tiles make it a versatile material for both internal and exterior applications of residential and commercial projects. This includes surfaces subjected to heavy traffic, driveways and pool interiors.

As seen with our Technifirma® range, the tiles are available in a wide variety of textures and tones as well as a selection of large-format sizes.

You can view our range of Technifirma® tiles here.