Putting a little thought before you buy outdoor furniture will help you choose pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Here are some tips for an outdoor furniture buying guide to get you started.

What materials are best for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Its componentry needs to be made of good quality materials and designed thoughtfully so that it lasts. Think quick dry foam so cushions don’t go mouldy and UV protected fabrics to avoid fading. Teak is a superior material when it comes to outdoor furniture as it is strong and durable. Teak is renowned for its longevity and ability to survive exposure to the elements with very little maintenance. Read our expert guide on choosing outdoor furniture for more information.

If you’re unsure, keep it neutral

Keep the colours and textures of the items you choose neutral. Fabrics can be especially hard to select when there are so many options. Stick to a neutral pallet so your core pieces remain timeless. And as the seasons and trends change, it’ll be easy to style up your furniture using scatter cushions, throws and rugs.

EcoOutdoor LoungeChair Nomah
The Nomah® lounge chair

Invest in quality

Outdoor furniture pieces need to be able to withstand harsh environments outdoors. To ensure you furniture lasts for years to come investing in pieces with high quality materials will ensure you will be enjoying life outdoors for many years to come.

Understand your environment

From the salty sea air to the bitter cold, to the soaring heat, selecting outdoor furniture that will survive and maintain its beauty comes down to the choice of materials and the quality. Understanding what the best material for outdoor furniture is for your environment makes it an easy when deciding what pieces you want for your outdoor space. Our guide on ‘choosing outdoor furniture for your environment‘ can help when picking pieces for the Australian climate.

EcoOutdoor Lounge Ord
Ord® modular lounge

Flexible seating is always a great option

An ottoman for your feet when you’re reclining solo becomes a chair for when family Christmas is at yours. Living life outdoors is all about spontaneity, unpredictability and fun. But no one wants to clutter the yard with ten sofas. Carefully selected pieces that double up as a foot stool, a coffee table or a chair, means that when guests come over for that afternoon BBQ, everyone has a place to sit.

How do you buy outdoor furniture?

Thoughtful planning and consideration will help greatly when you are looking to buy outdoor furniture. These simple steps will help you start:

  • Measure your outdoor space and the specific areas your furniture is going to live. This will ensure you buy outdoor furniture that will fit and be an appropriate size for your outdoor space.
  • Do some research into common outdoor furniture materials such as compact laminate and teak. Different materials require different levels of maintenance and all perform differently outdoors. Always consider where your outdoor furniture will live (in full sun or shade etc) and what amount of time you’re willing to invest in maintaining it.

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