Well designed and built swimming pools can last for years, but after a while, they can lose their luster appearing tired and unloved. The filters and pumps can begin to fail, leaks can occur and surrounding surfaces can crack.

If you’re considering remodeling your pool to make it more appealing or to increase your property’s resale value, take a look at these tips.

Reasons to consider a pool remodel

Sooner or later, every swimming pool will need a renovation, especially if it hasn’t been well maintained. The top reasons to consider a pool remodel are:

  • If your pool isn’t functioning optimally, it could be because your pool mechanics such as the pump, filter or plumping are failing.

  • Declining water levels could be a sign of a leak which will require repair.

  • Older pools often don’t comply with the latest pool safety requirements. Remodeling your pool gives you the opportunity to improve the safety of your fences, railings and ladders.

  • Worn surfaces and fixtures can be unsightly and a hazard. Replacing tired tiles, decking or lighting can improve the appearance of your outdoor space.

  • The dated kidney shaped pool may not suit the aesthetics of your contemporary outdoor space. Reshaping the pool gives you the opportunity to create a unified look.

Pool remodeling ideas

Remodelling Pool 01
Acre Studios featuring Andorra Linear Walling

Remodeling a pool can make a huge difference to its functionality and appearance, however, it does require a financial investment. It’s worth taking the time to consider the areas you can update that will make the greatest difference. Here are the top swimming pool remodeling ideas to get you started:

1. Resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool gives you the opportunity to repair any leaks, cracks or uneven areas of its interior. Many older pools will have a classic plaster surface which you could update to an aggregate or tile finish. Upgrading the surface also enables you to change the appearance of your pool’s water through different color combinations.

2. Change the waterline surface

If your interior is in good condition, simply changing the waterline surface can be a quick update to a tired looking pool. You can choose a pool tile that adds color to your space or you could use an outdoor paver that matches with the surrounding surface.

3. Replace the coping

Pool coping is required to withstand the pressures of salt and chlorine exposure as well as everyday wear and tear. Installing quality pool coping can improve the functionality and appearance of your outdoor area.

4. Update the pool surrounds

Replacing the surrounding surfaces of your pool is one of the most popular updates homeowners make. Just like coping, this can approve the functionality and look of your space even without changing the pool itself. There are many options to choose from including stone paving, timber or grass.

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5. Upgrading the technology

Upgrading the technology can enhance your pool’s value and your lifestyle. Consider energy-efficient equipment to reduce the running costs and minimize your environmental footprint. Options to consider include solar-powered heating, LED lighting or energy-efficient filtering equipment. You could also think about installing automatic features such as a self-cleaner or pool cover.

6. Reshaping

Lastly, one of the most expensive but impactful upgrades to a dated pool is changing the shape. Consider turning your kidney bean or B-shaped pool into a geometric-shaped pool that suits the dimensions of your home or block. You could also think about filling in a disused spa for a larger entertaining area or amend it to increase your pool size.

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