Kings Beach SLA 02

The Kings Beach project called for an extension and alteration of the original architecture to cater for modern-day living. No shortage of character, Shaun Lockyer Architects embraced the home’s history, along with the coastal panoramas, and reflected it in the narrative of the new built form. Architect, Shaun Lockyer, shares with us the design vision for the home and touches on some of the details that define the project’s success. “Soft pastels, greying timber, crazy pave and warm washed surfaces all define a modern beach home that is exquisitely finished by the client’s own hand, having been the builders and interior decorators as well,” says Shaun.

It’s a project where the joy of all involved is deliberately manifest in the built form with a little 60’s serendipity to crown.
Kings Beach SLA 04

What was the design vision for the alteration?

A revival of a 60’s ‘Hollywood’ style beach house. The original home had this feel about it already (along with the client’s interest in mid‐century furniture), which made it an obvious generator for architectural expression on the house. We also felt the 60’s modern aesthetic was sympathetic to both the coastal setting and local context in which the house sits.

Kings Beach SLA 05

How extensive was the alteration?

This was a very substantial alteration and addition with roughly 30% of the original cottage making up the final outcome. Notwithstanding the amount of new area added, we were very conscious of maintaining the original character of the home and having this guide the design and decision‐making process.

Kings Beach SLA 06

Can you elaborate on the homes pastel colour palette?

The house already expressed a character that spoke of mid‐century modern, along with splashes of colour. The new work built on this narrative refining the range of colours to a very subtle, beach‐like aesthetic that we felt was reminiscent of the beach vibe in the 60’s. the balance of the colours and materials are deliberately natural, muted and tactile such that the pastel shades are the hero.

Kings Beach SLA 08

What drew you to using the Porphyry Crazy Paving and using on the wall cladding in addition to the flooring?

We love the idea of a very limited palette of materials and being playful and ambiguous about how surfaces are defined. We have a strong association with Porphyry on our coastal projects where we have found it to have worked very successfully before. It is also one of the few materials that can appropriately be used on both floors and walls, which is why we love it so much. It also never dates.