Time stops on Satellite Island.  With no reception, wi-fi, shops or traffic, slowing down becomes one of the easiest things to do.  Just breathe and thank in the island’s immense natural beauty.  Expansive views of pristine waters, sheer cliffs, empty beaches and ruggered native bush.  There’s no shortage of natural places to explore, away from the noise and speed of everyday life.

“The island gives you a sense of having the world to yourself,” says owner Kate. “The quiet here is astonishing and reason alone to come. There’s just something about it. It has a way of really slowing life down.”

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Satellite Island is privately owned by Kate and Will Alstergren, a couple of Melbourne.  It’s been within the family since the 1960’s, then owned by Will’s uncle Ian, who used the remote island as an escape to purse his passions of writing and painting.  Prior to 2013, the island was never accessible to the public.

It was only after Kate jumped into renovating  with the help from stylist Tess Newman-Morris, did the island open to guests.

Stay on Satellite Island and it will become exclusively yours to do as you please.  The accommodation is seemingly modest, yet has all the comforts and stylish touches one would expect in an island escape.  A three-bedroom Summer House sits up on the highest point of the island with impressive views, and a more intimate two-bedroom Boathouse lies and the waters edge on a small jetty.  Those for a little more adventure, can snuggle up in a luxury queen-size bell tent.

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But what to do without a newspaper to read, a phone to make ‘important’ calls or gram about the escape, or traffic to get stuck in?


“In the morning wake to the sound of sea birds, and take breakfast out on the deck before heading off on one of the island’s stunning walking tracks.”

Curl up, read a few pages of a good novel in between naps.  Or simply fit yourself somewhere wonderful to sit and take in the stunning scenery.

Explore and play out in kayaks, wonder around the perimeter of island, or try your hand at fishing.  Forage for wild oysters to enjoy with a refreshing glass of Tassie wine, fore tucking into some barbecued fish you cook on the pebbled beach. Pick some of the produce in the organic vegetable patch or fry up an egg freshly laid by one of the island’s free-range hens.

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The island is yours to enjoy exclusively throughout your stay, but if you do yearn to see a stranger or need help constructing your beach fire, the island manager Richard is around to help.

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A visit to Satellite Island is a restorative experience where you have the opportunity to switch off from the everyday and enjoy the simple moments amongst the beauty of nature.

Keen on booking an adventure on Satellite Island? All the information you need is here.

Photography: courtesy of satelliteisland.com.au