Engaging with SPaN Architects, the client’s wanted not only a pool to enjoy with their four children, but a space to “bring functionality to the night”. Ideas of a hot tub for the gathering of friends and family, a shower, a koi pond and a fire place began to flow. The client envisaged incorporating a tropical indoor/outdoor space into their Connecticut property.


Architect Karen Stonely tells Architectural Digest, one of the main challenges was making sure the new, semi-enclosed structure integrated well with its surroundings. Opposite the sprawling lawn sat a Colonial-style stone house covered with ivy, and at risk of clashing with any architecture that pushed the boundaries too far.

With a desire to go down the modern route, it was the choice of materials which was going to tie the main house with the new structure. The architects searched high and low for fieldstone that was an exact match to the house.


At the other end, an intimate indoor space houses a lounging area, dining room and a changing area fit with mosaic-tiled shower. This enclosed section of the structure is fully protected from the elements, yet connecting with the outdoor area thanks to the large panels of glass.


Complete with a pool and hot tub, the pool house retreat has been designed to draw the family out into the garden even in winter where they huddle around the fireplace and enjoy their own staycation.

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Photography: François Dischinger