Located in the country town of Trentham, Phillip & Lea is a quaint store inspiring the cook, gardener, hunt & forager, baker, salumi maker and preserver by stocking beautiful tools and implements.

Phillip & Lea believes that home cookery has its beginnings in the patch, field, orchard, forest, wilderness & waterway.

From cast iron cocottes and Le Parfait preserving jars to mushroom knives and Nutscene gardening twine, careful thought has been put into the collection of products.  The selection of tools and implements has been based on its materiality, design and functionality as well as its heritage and craftsmanship of the maker.  All this is evident as soon as you lay eyes on the products within the store.  It’s refreshing to be able to enjoy the natural materials, the patinas and design while having a tactile experience as you assess the quality and craftsmanship of each object.

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The small store is considered and cleverly curated.  You can understand Phillip & Lea‘s passion for crafted objects designed to last a life time and to be displayed with pride in the shed or kitchen.

The Shopkeepers advocate that a tool and implement passed from one generation to another, along with the knowledge of its former user, ensures the survival of making things by hand.

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The brick-and-mortar store of Phillip & Lea houses a refined collection of products nurturing the ethos that everything served on your plate should come from the ground, from nature.

Images: Phillip & Lea