Designed by Architecture BRIO, The Riparian House is situated not far from Mumbai in a mountainous region known as the Western Ghats.  The stunning landscape is a UNESCO world heritage site where numerous rivers and streams navigate their way through the undulating landscape, eventually feeding into the Bombay bay.

The dwelling nestles just below the top of a hillock at the foothills of the Ghats.  The top of a vegetated roof merges with the top of the hillock, camouflaging the house in with the natural landscape.  Dramatic walls of Indian limestone are arranged in a rugged pattern, making the house appear to rise out of the ground from a solid, aged base.

This is contrasted by the lightness of a suspended timber deck verandah, which surrounds the house on three sides.  The expansive outdoor deck takes advantage of the picturesque scenery and natural stone walls lead you down the steep site to the pool deck.

Inside the house the natural materials of stone and timber are incorporated.  The glass panelled windows open up to the landscape where one can sit back and enjoy the views to the north of the Irshalgad hill fortress and towards the west, watch the sunset while the river winds its way across the agricultural fields.

The colours of the natural stone and the vegetated green roof mimics the tones of the landscape.  It continually changes from a dense vibrant green jungle-like forest during the monsoon months, to a pale brown shrubby wasteland during the dry and hot summer months.

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