Get the resort-style look with these tips

Summer may be a distant memory and tropical holidays may be beckoning, but if you can’t escape home why not create your very own resort-style retreat? With some attention to detail, clever accessorizing and pops of foliage you can easily create an exotic escape you’ll never need a holiday from.

Here are our top tips for creating a resort-style backyard.

1. Opt for natural materials

Resort Style 02
Natural materials such as our Crackenback walling will help add texture and warmth to your resort-style backyard

Check out the Architectural Project feature of this home to steal plenty of resort-style living ideas. 

Natural materials such as timber, stone, rattan and linen go hand in hand with a resort aesthetic. Choose materials in lighter, neutral tones that reflect a beach-side environment like our Crackenback Free Form Walling. Also, don’t be afraid to let your materials naturally weather and patina over time such as quality teak outdoor furniture that greys off. This will provide an authentic look and a feeling of being well lived in.

2. Take cues from your environment

When creating an outdoor space, it’s worth taking cues from your environment. Source plants that are native to your area, pick up on materials and color tones that are naturally found in your surroundings. If you’re fortunate enough to have a coastal aspect, maximize it by drawing attention to the view through layout and materials.

3. Keep comfort at the fore

Resort Style 03
Source furniture that you can happily sink into like our Nomah outdoor lounge collection

Resort living is all about kicking back and taking time out to regenerate. When designing a resort-style outdoor space, keep comfort at the fore. Create a layout that is inviting and offers space to circulate and spread out. If you’re working with an existing layout, you can add comfort through outdoor furniture, lighting and cooking facilities.

Think daybeds with cushions so you can laze poolside in comfort or deep-seated armchairs to curl up with a good read. Install heating in your space to maximize its usage in the evening and through the cooler months. Accessorize with linen towels, oversized cushions and bean bags you can disperse around the garden.

4. Maximize space for entertaining

Resort Style 01
Choose casual yet stylish furniture that can accommodate a few to many.

Check out the Architectural Project feature of this home to steal plenty of resort-style living ideas. 

Pool party anyone?  Creating an outdoor space that’s conducive to entertaining will help you get the most out of it. It doesn’t need to be overly polished and rival your interiors, especially when embracing a resort-style aesthetic. You can keep it low-key by opting for natural materials and a neutral color palette. Select furniture that’s spacious and accommodates a crowd. If you have the room for it, create various areas such as a lounging zone and a dining space.

5. Embrace foliage

Finish off your resort-style backyard with foliage that will create interest and inject life into your space all year round. Choose plants based on the size, texture and shape of their leaves. For added drama, place plants with contrasting foliage side by side whether planted in a garden bed or potted up in feature containers.