We’ll share with you some of the main benefits of collecting rainwater which may have you considering installing your own rainwater harvesting system at your home.

1. Rain is free

Just as solar panels can reduce your electricity bills, rainwater harvesting is a great way to cut your living expenses. You may even be eligible for a cash-back rebate!

2. Rainwater harvesting reduces your environmental footprint

Conserving water by installing a tank is one way to reduce your footprint. You can ease the stress on reservoirs and water infrastructure, reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on the landscape and minimise your carbon footprint.

3. It nourishes the garden

After a good downpour, plants in the garden always appear brighter and greener. That’s because rainwater has a neutral pH and contains ingredients vital for plant health including sulphur, potash, minerals and microorganisms. With a rainwater harvesting system, you don’t need to worry about feeling guilty about giving your garden a good soak before the hot weather hits.

4. You can fill up your pool

Harvesting your rainwater is a great way to top up your pool after loss due to evaporation or simply too many bombs and splashing. Not only will it meet your council rules during a water restriction, it will also save you from buying water to be trucked in.

5. Rainwater harvesting means longer showers

For those who enjoy a long, hot shower or a regular relaxing bath, rainwater harvesting means you don’t have to be so conscious of water restrictions. You can also happily wash your car or pressure wash your driveway without the neighbours dobbing you in!

6. You may meet building requirements

In some suburbs, councils require new houses to install rainwater harvesting systems of a particular capacity. It’s the perfect opportunity to ensure you can maximise the water collection for your family needs.