Winter may have left its mark in your garden with bare patches, overgrowth and a build up of dirt. The sunshine and visuals of long, lazy summer lunches outdoors should be enough to get you motivated to tackle your garden and re-vamp your space.

We seek out the advice of a couple of experts on how to maximise the budding new growth and prepare your garden for the warmer season ahead.

Get your outdoor space looking hot for the summer!

Tali Allen of Aleister Branwen Horticulture says with all their gardens at this time of year, they’re focusing on laying down mulch to condition the soil. Not only will it suppress the weeds coming up in spring (making your life easier when entertaining), Tali says mulching will also protect the moisture in the ground.

As a result, you’ll see lush and much healthier plants in your garden.

It’s also worthwhile applying a liquid fertiliser like Seasol or Charlie Carp everywhere including directly on the plants, garden beds and soil. This will provide instant seed for your garden and condition the soil making it’s ecology much happier.

Tali also advises checking your irrigation system as we head into the warmer months, especially if you intend to head off on holidays.

Follow these tips from Tali and you’re more likely to avoid burning of plants as your soil will be well conditioned and the roots of your plants protected.



Deniqua Boston landscape architect of Taylor Landscaping, suggests giving your outdoor paving and walling a high pressure clean can really help to re-vamp your space by removing any dirt and mould that’s built up over winter.

It’s also the ideal time to plant out any of the blanks spaces in your garden beds that have occurred due to winter casualties. Deniqua says now’s the time to consider adding some colour into your garden for Christmas by planting some annuals.

To gain compact form in your shrubs, remember to tip prune the first flush of spring. Agreeing with Tali, Deniqua says weeding, adding a power feed and mulching the garden will make a big impact. Taylor Landscaping like to use Lupin Mulch with added chicken manure for an additional boost. A soil wetting agent applied to your garden and lawn can also be helpful to ensure water reaches the plant’s roots.

To inject a festive feel into your outdoor space, Denique recommends having some fun and adding accessories like lanterns. Also don’t forget, a good clean of your BBQ is a must before you enjoy family meals outside.

Rolling up your sleeves for a few hours work (or days depending on the state of your outdoor space), will mean you’ll spend more time outside enjoying good food and company rather than worrying about taming your garden and protecting it from the heat.