We recently chatted to the incredible Louella Tuckey, stylist and co-owner of Mark Tuckey Furniture, about their move to Pittwater and its style inspiration. This is what she had to say!

1 Louella Tuckey Crop

“Tuckey and I moved from Melbourne to Sydney’s Pittwater with our daughters six years ago.  Melbourne has so much to offer but, with two small children, Pittwater offered a playground of secret bays and beaches waiting to be explored, and we’d been keen to open a store in Sydney so move we did.

“Our main business and workshop is still in Melbourne, and Pittwater is home to our second shop and the Tuckey family. Tuckey grew up here and it just made sense for us all to come back.


“A lot of the furniture we produce has a real synergy with both beach and city. Our style really focuses on natural finishes and textures, a laid back organic style that is consciously deliberate, but low key at the same time.

“We avoid all the obviously connections to the beach interiors. No boats in-store, no blue and white stripes and definitely no driftwood. The connection is subtle as it should be.

We’ve both travelled loads and if we could choose anywhere in the world to live, we’d still end up back here in Pittwater.

“Where we’re five minutes from work and where we can walk out the front gate straight onto the beach. Where we can hop on our boat and go up river for a few days or head across the water to beaches in national park where goannas stomp out of the bush to seal your lunch. Yes, it’s true – we love Pittwater.

“Now, not everyone is as fortunate as Louella to live in such a beautiful location, but you can inject a touch of Pittwater style into your lives! To gain further inspiration, stick these locals in your feed…