Summer is the ideal time to inspire your kids to ditch their devices and interactive games to play outside in the sunshine. Whether you’re having a staycation or enjoying the delights of a holiday home, these outdoor games are fun for both the big and little kids.

Fire up the barbecue, turn on the summer tunes, flick off your shoes and prepare for friendly competition.

1. Outdoor Yahtzee


Roll the oversized dice three times to get the highest score. Simply make your outdoor Yahtzee with wooden blocks and draw your the dots on with a permanent marker or paint.

Image: Lemon & Thistle.

2. Lawn Twister

Lawntwister Katiehaines

Upgrade your flimsy, plastic twister mat and make your own lawn twister for a classic outdoor game. Simply make a cardboard circle template out of a box and spray the colours on your lawn. Have plenty of room? Spray a couple twister boards so teams can challenge each other.

Image: You + Me

3. Giant Dominoes


Play the classic version of the dominoes game or line the giant pieces up for a mega knock down. You can purchase giant domino sets or make your own with timber and paint. Full instructions can be found here.

4. Hide & Seek

Don’t forget the old school hide and seek, especially if you have a decent size backyard. A good outdoor game of hide & seek can keep the kids entertained for hours.

5. Tag

Like hide and seek, tag is a great way to get those kids moving and running off the festive treats.

6. Croquet


Buying a good quality croquet set will be a great investment. Not only is it fun for the young and old, there’s plenty of variety as you change up the course to your liking.

Image: Matthew Land Studios.

7. Donuts on a String


Bobbing apples; donuts on a string – who doesn’t love a game that comes with a reward!

Image: Katie Parra.

8. Capture the Flag

Have a crowd to entertain? Capture the Flag is the ideal outdoor game when you have several people up for some fun. Simply create two teams and place a flag or object at the team’s base.

The first team to successfully steal the flag and return back to their base wins.

9. Kubb

Kubb Idealog

The centuries old Swedish viking game has made a come back and can be played almost anywhere outdoors. The game combines skill, strategy and luck for you to knock over all your opponent’s shields with your battle axes. Knock the King over and you win!

Image: Kubb Brothers.

10. Giant Jenga


Test your anxiety levels as you remove a block from the tower and balance it on top of an increasingly unstable structure. All you need is some 2×4’s, a saw and a measuring tape to make your own backyard Jenga. Full instructions can be found here.

Image: James Looker.