When the weather is at it’s finest, we love to entertain outdoors. Whether it’s to host a Christmas luncheon, a relaxed brunch or an evening outdoor feast with friends and family. Entertaining outdoors is easy. It’s messy, laid-back and shoes are optional. Styling becomes all about the food, natural materials and garden foliage.

Entertaining outdoors is about keeping it simple so you can spend less time fussing and more time in the sunshine, enjoying the conversation and laughs.

Outdoor feast inspiration

So, take your festive celebrations outside and draw some inspiration for your outdoor feast from these images…

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 11
Start the day with a nourishing breakfast outdoors

Wake up to a simple spread of nourishing food like homemade bircher muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt while enjoying the morning sunshine.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 07
Treat your loved ones with an indulgent, sweet spread | source: expensivelife.tumblr.com

Warm croissants and fluffy pancakes anyone?

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 04
A relaxing picnic where good food and conversation are the main attraction | source: aboutthatfood.com

Take your festive celebrations down the beach and enjoy the simple things in life. If you’re loving the look of this spread, you can find the recipes on About That Food.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 02
A festive feast over a campfire also sounds very appealing | source: remainsimple.us

Who says you can’t have a celebratory Christmas outdoor feast beside a campfire?

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 13
Keep it simple and celebrate the produce

The best thing about entertaining outdoors is that you can keep it simple. No need for too many decorations. Let the fresh produce be the star of the show.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 06
Allow your guests to help themselves at a makeshift buffet | source: orangeblossomcatering.com

Remove the pressure of serving and allow your guests to help themselves by setting up a makeshift buffet.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 01
A harvest outdoor festive spread looks impressive and tastes delicious | source: designlovefest.com

Use one large board or several generously sized platters to make an indulgent harvest spread of fresh olives, cured meats, fruit, nuts and delicious cheeses.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 08
Don’t forget the all-important refreshments!

Make a batch of mock-tails (or cocktails!) to add colour and vibrancy to our outdoor feast.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 10
A relaxing afternoon tea for during those down times

Remember to take time out during the busy festive season to enjoy a little downtime over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Outdoor Feast Inspiration 09
Easy entertaining for when you’re entertained out!

Sometimes the simplest of spreads are just what you need when you’re entertained out!