The hectic pace and grind of our every day lives can often leave us feeling depleted and lost for inspiration.

With it’s rich photography The Outsiders, showcases the outlook and passions of a new creative scene that has emerged from this desire to explore the outdoors and achieve the perfect balance of work/play.  It draws upon the inspiration of modern day globetrotters who’s desire for a certain design aesthetic and innovation depicts the way they step into the wilderness.

The fundamental challenges posed by the wilderness meet the aesthetic needs of the design-literate urbanite in ways that are atmospheric and likeable, with the occasional romantic or ironic wink.

The Outsiders isn’t just about picture perfect images of stunning, isolate outdoor locations (although there are plenty of these to admire).  It also presents a collection of well-designed adventure gear that is hipper, more stylish, sturdier and lighter than ones you would find in the catalogue of Rays Outdoors.

If you have a travel itch that needs to be scratched or a desire to swap a hotel room for a tent among the trees, this is a book for you.  Read the inspiring stories, get lost in the photography and begin to comprise your adventure wish list.  The Outsiders beautifully captures life out in the wilderness for the modern adventurers.

Head into one of our Eco Showrooms, have a coffee and get lost within this book’s pages.