Sometimes driveways can be an afterthought and they’re typically not something you want to draw the eye too. The practical needs of allowing a car to drive up to the garage and providing enough room for parking can sometimes come first above aesthetics. However, these modern driveways prove you’ve got the opportunity to create a visually pleasing entrance to your home.

11 impressive modern driveways

Modern driveways don’t just need to serve one purpose. With some thought, your driveway could continue the aesthetics of the architecture and become integrated with the surrounding landscape. The following projects have used natural stone to create a feature of the entrance rather than trying to disguise it. The combination of materials, colour palette and soft landscape work together to make an impressive entrance.


MHN Design Union’s ‘New South Head Road’ project featuring Fallow Granite natural stone pavers.

Driveway 14

Outdoor Establishments ‘Randwick’ project featuring Raven Granite natural stone pavers and cobblestones.

Driveway 03

Tobias Partners ‘North Bondi’ project featuring Bluestone crazy paving.

Driveway 02

Michael Cooke ‘Cliff Top Garden’ project featuring Porphyry Filetti natural stone flooring paving. Image: Brigid Arnott.

Driveway 06

Shaun Lockyer Architects ‘Brookfield’ project featuring Abyss natural split stone pavers and Raven cobblestones.

Driveway 05

Bower Architecture’s ‘Stepping House’ featuring Endicott® crazy paving path alongside an exposed aggregate driveway. Image: Shannon McGrath.

Utopia Manly 13 Version 2 DH

Utopia Landscape Designs Manly project featuring Bluestone paved driveway flanked by Coolum limestone random ashlar walling. Install: Landscape Surrounds.

1 DSP0368

AM Architecture’s ‘Toorak House’ project featuring honed Bluestone paving. Image: Dianna Snappe

Driveway 09

Weir Phillips in collaboration with Briony Fitzgerald Design‘s ‘Bellevue Hill’ project featuring Endicott® cobblestones.

Driveway 12

Preston Lane Architects‘ ‘Manning Road’ project featuring Mallard granite natural stone paving.

Driveway 04

Bower Architecture’s ‘Stepping House’ featuring Endicott® crazy paving. Image: Shannon McGrath.