Jacqui Fink is a talented Australian fibre artisan who shares a similar appreciation and passion for craft and natural materials. We’ve long been drawn to Jacqui’s creations that have reinvented the language of knitting. You’ll find several of her pieces in our showrooms, each with their own irregularities and imperfections.

You can read more about Jacqui Fink and her work here

The latest piece Jacqui has created for Eco Outdoor is hung in our new Beverly Hills Flagship store. Inspired by the Grandfather’s Beard air plant, Jacqui’s pendant light installation takes centre stage in the space.

“Jac’s aesthetic is so raw and textural, it’s very complimentary to our aesthetic. This new LA installation brings a sophisticated softness to the space in contrast to all the stone surrounds, but in a really chaotic gutsy kind of way”, says Eco Outdoor co-founder Jen Stumbles.

Jac Fink Installation La 01
Jacqui Fink’s pendant installation in the Eco Outdoor Beverly Hill Flagship store

Like many handmade pieces, there is a story that is behind Jacqui’s installation. As a child, she was frightened by the dangling form of the Grandfather’s Beard that was found commonly in her hometown.

I always found this plant to be a bit creepy and mysterious, yet I was fascinated by it”, explains Jacqui.

“I love the structure and form of the Grandfather’s Beard. I really love nature’s patterns and I’m continually inspired by them. I wanted to take that visual of draping from a tree, but beautify it so I wasn’t afraid of it anymore.”

Jac Fink Installation La 02
Jacqui Fink’s pendant installation in the Eco Outdoor Beverly Hill Flagship store

Using fine high-quality Australian merino wool, in a felting process Jacqui interlocked the fragile fibres to create a robust, raw textile. Draping the material over a bespoke steel frame, the wool bundles took shape before being transported to its new home in LA. By weaving lights through the piece, Jacqui mimicked the beauty of fly flies buzzing within the textile strains.

The grand scale of the Beverly Hills showroom was conducive to the large draping form Jacqui crafted. The raw beauty and enormity of the pendant is in perfect proportion to the interior of the store and embody’s the very essence of handmade we endeavour to celebrate: imperfect perfect.

If you’re local or travelling to LA, drop by to see this intriguing installation by Jacqui Fink. Other creations by this special fibre artist can be seen here at littledandelion.com.