Keeping Your Stone Looking Great Outside

Here are quick tips to help with keeping your stone looking great outside all year round.

1. Choose the right stone for your location

Before you settle on a stone, ensure you’re choosing the right stone for your location. You’ll find some stone types are more suitable for certain outdoor areas than others. For example, stone pavers near pools have to withstand being exposed to chemicals like chlorine and need to be slip resistant. You’ll want your driveway pavers to cope with the punishment of vehicle traffic and potential staining.

2. Consider sealing your stone

One of the key factors in keeping your stone looking great outside is sealing. Consider speaking with a sealing specialist to protect your stone and maintain it for longer. Depending on the application, the stone can be seal prior to or after it’s installation. As products are continually evolving, speaking with an industry professional will help you decided on the best sealer for your individual application.

Check out this article on Cleaning & Sealing Natural Stone for more information. 

3. Keep your stone clean

Dirt, grime and mould are not only an unsightly, it also can create a hazard. Natural stone pavers layered with dirt and mould can quickly become slippery, especially in environments exposed to the wet. Keeping your stone clean and to remove any dirt residue will also protect the integrity of your material.

4. Repair when required

A natural stone floor has the ability to carry a thousand footsteps from one life to another. Stone is an extremely resilient material, but even so, pavers can break or chip every now and then. Repairing damaged stone pavers as soon as possible can help to prevent further damage or reduce the risk of creating a hazard. If you’re not familiar with fixing stone pavers yourself, contact a trade who knows what they’re doing.

Speak to an Eco Outdoor sales rep if you need recommendations. 

Feature image: Outdoor area designed by Acre Studio featuring Andorra® Limestone natural stone.