Factors that impact the cost of outdoor flooring

Here, we take a look the factors that impact the cost of outdoor stone paving so you can determine whether this type of outdoor flooring is within your budget.

Type of stone paving

There are many stone flooring options to choose from that will vary in quality and therefore cost. Generally speaking, stone types and colour tones that are rare will be more expensive than those that are commonly available. Custom paving will also have a higher price tag, so if you’re on a tight budget, sticking with a standard format will help reduce the costs.


Outdoor Flooring Cost 02
Beauford sandstone pavers | Bower Architecture

The size of the area you wish to lay outdoor flooring is the second factor that will influence the cost. Before you enquire about the costs of individual stone pavers, you’ll want to measure up your space to ascertain the square meterage required. This will help you compare the products you’re deciding on.

The design

The design of your outdoor space will also impact on the cost of the outdoor flooring. A square alfresco area will be much easier to lay stone paving than a circular space or one of an intricate shape. Requiring borders or wanting to combine two different formats may influence the price.

Site Conditions

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Raven granite pavers | Wyer & Co. & Daniel Boddam Architecture

The condition of your site may have an impact on the overall cost of your project. These can include:

  • The access to the area
  • The level/slope of the site
  • Whether there is an existing base of the paving
  • The intricacy of the area


Outdoor Flooring Cost 01
Emu granite cobblestones

Another main factor when budgeting for outdoor flooring is the labour costs. If you are engaging a professional to undertake the work, this will need to be added. Some stone paving is easier and less time consuming to lay. For example, a traditional format paver such as our granite in a standard pattern will take less time to lay than the organically shaped Filetti stone. We recommend you seek quotes from at least two qualified professionals providing the exact same information before you sign any agreement. If you require recommendations, speak to the team at your local Eco Outdoor Showroom.


In some cases, the cost of delivery can increase if you live a substantial distance from your stone paving supplier. We recommend you confirm your location when requesting quotes for the outdoor flooring products.

Feature image: Torino™ Bluestone pavers | B.E Architecture