Natural stone outdoors is exposed to all the elements and is continually faced with dirt, debris, water, mould and heat. It’s also subject to traffic, whether it of a car driving up the drive, people walking along a path, or kids zooming around on their bikes. These pressures can affect the quality if you do not care for natural stone from the minute it is installed.

A quality sealant will provide the stone with the best protection to help retain the natural patina that drew you to choosing the product in the first place. Before you install the stone in your interior or exterior space, seek the advice of sealing professionals as to which sealant would suit your application. Our consultants can help guide you if required.

Sealing natural stone advice

Sealants are best applied by a specialist once the stone has been installed at the site. However, some applications will require a dip seal. to prevent efflorescence. For example, pool coping where it’s laid in a high moisture environment. If this is the case, all sides of the stone is dipped in the solution prior to its installation.

As sealant products are continually evolving, an industry professional can advise which sealant is the most appropriate for your particular stone and application.

Basic cleaning tips to care for natural stone

To maintain your stone’s patina once installed, follow these basic cleaning tips:

  • Immediately after the grouting material has set, your stone should be cleaned thoroughly to remove grouting residue;
  • Remove any excess dirt with a good sweep;
  • When a more thorough clean is required, apply a pH neutral cleaner in manageable sections. Always test the product on a small section before applying. Using a stiff broom or a nylon pad, gently agitate the stone’s surface to lift any dirt. Remove any residue with a squeegee or a wet-vac.

Tip: avoid acidic cleaning products on your natural stone. These have the potential to damage the stone’s finish and compromise the overall quality. To ensure you’re using the right cleaning products, speak with a professional. 


When installed correctly, natural stone can dramatically transform any outdoor space. From driveways and paths to outdoor dining areas and interior living spaces; stone can add an unrivalled warmth, texture, and style. Learning how to care for natural stone for the outset will help you retain its beauty long-term.

If you require further recommendations for the specific stone you’re installing, please contact the Eco Outdoor store.