The flickering flames of a fire not only heats up an interior but also adds a comforting, homely atmosphere to any space. Lit or not, a well-designed stone fireplace becomes a focal point that can enhance the feeling and aesthetics of an interior.

The natural textures and varying tones of stone can provide a warm, tactile quality to a contemporary or traditional space. They help create inviting interiors, perfect for gathering around whether to warm up or enjoy the company of others.

These 12 indoor stone fireplaces will provide you with the inspiration to use the beauty of natural stone in creating the ultimate feature.

IMG 2299

Endicott® crazy paving is not just suitable for pathways, pool surrounds and outdoor entertaining areas. The natural split stone also makes a stunning stone fireplace.

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JoEmeryHouse 13

The natural limestone of Newport Random Ashlar in this fireplace perfectly complements this relaxed, welcoming interior and furnishings.

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Nedlands 3

We love the idea of working whilst staying warm thanks to a beautiful stone fireplace. Humphery Homes have used Howqua® Freeform® walling to add texture and natural tones to this contemporary space.

This stone can be seen here.

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Flanked by two wood stack nooks, the fireplace finished in Alpine Dry Stone makes an incredible feature in this country retreat designed by Paul Bangay.

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King’s Landscaping has laid the Crackenback® Freeform® natural sandstone with attention to detail in this fireplace design.

Crackenback® sandstone can be viewed here.


The striking fireplace in this luxurious family beach house designed by EB Interiors has been built into a feature wall of Jindera Dry Stone.

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Paul Uhlmann Architects has emphasised this home’s towering ceilings with floor to ceiling natural stone fireplace in the centre of the room.

View the Howqua® Freeform® Walling used in this project here.

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Designed by Chindarsi Architects, this two-way stone fireplace plays several roles in this home. Clad in Alpine Dry Stone, the fireplace divides the living and dining space, provides warmth to both areas and adds texture to the modern interior.

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Eco Outdoor ShaunLockyer 09

Shaun Lockyer Architects have created a generous Coolum® Random Ashlar stone fireplace which adds warmth and character to this interior.

Click here to view the Coolum® stone.


Using the Crackenback® Freeform® natural sandstone walling, Outset Design has created an intimate living room, perfect for snuggling up with a good read next to the fire.

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The varying soft tones of the Coolum® Random Ashlar stone marry well with the neutral colour palette of whites, creams and greys in this interior by Noek Design.

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Austin Wells035 1

An envious living room created by Atkinson Pontifex is filled with natural fabrics and materials including the Jindera Dry Stone fireplace.