Inspired by the design of traditional wooden houses of Bavarian, Kühnlein Architektur have created a simple yet aesthetically pleasing timber goat barn integrated into the landscape.

The wooden cube, reduced to the necessaries, should be a positive example for agricultural buildings integrating the free landscape around it – Kühnlein Architektur

The small, flat-roofed wooden goat barn is built on a rural site in Eastern Bavaria, Germany and is surrounded by a grove of trees.  The structure sits comfortably within the landscape, opening onto the miniature goat’s grazing pastures.  From a distance, it looks like a modest cube.  It is when you are up close, you appreciate the design intent and attention to detail.

The simple construction of interlocking stacked planks, together with its captivating design won this project the ‘Holzbaupreis Bayern 2014′, an award for energy-efficient and cost-effective timber architecture.

You can see more at Kühnlein Architektur’s website.

Photographers: Erich Spahn & Michael Kühnlein.