Gardens that offer destinations

If you have the room, creating a garden that is divided into destinations will not only increase the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also how you utilise it. Let’s face it, looking out onto a large patch of lawn will get boring after a while.

Having the ability to wander around a garden, discovering something new around every corner builds interest. This could be by creating a lounge area to retreat to far within the garden or hiding an in-ground trampoline behind a curved hedge. Instead of situating your dining area right off the back of your home, you could move it further into the garden, encouraging you to wander through your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create destinations within your backyard, look no further. These gardens are the ideal example of how maximising your space will not only approve the appearance of your garden, but also the experience.

1. Sydney Beach House

Garden Destinations 09
Sydney Beach House by Cadence & Co. and Sticks & Stones Landscape Design

Surrounding this beachside home by Cadence & Co is a lush tropical garden designed by Sticks and Stones Landscape Design. The garden has been cleverly designed to create several functional areas throughout the steep property. These include a protected retreat from the sea breeze in the side garden, a lounge area beside the fire pit and a sprawling lawn for play.

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2. Cottage in Flinders

Garden Destinations 02
Musk Cottage by Rick Eckersley | Image: Alison Hoelzer

Rick Eckersley is renowned for designing gardens that allow you to explore and this is no more evident than in his own garden in Flinders. Blessed with space, Rick has created several destinations with some more evident than others. Many of the areas including a secluded dining space, a fire pit area and a wetland boardwalk are well hidden by mass planting of grasses, native shrubs and trees. You’ll only discover these destinations when you spend the time to wander through the garden.

3. Waterfront Retreat

Garden Destinations 11
Waterfront Retreat by Koichi Takada Architects & J Group Projects

The outdoor spaces of this Waterfront Retreat were designed with entertaining in mind. Rather than designing one central entertaining space, Koichi Takada Architects located several different areas creating a resort-style experience. This has been achieved less so by a soft landscape and more so through paved areas and outdoor furniture.

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5. Mosman Garden

Garden Destinations 07
Mosman Garden by Hare & Klein and Harrison’s Landscaping

Hare & Klein together with Harrison’s Landscaping have made the most of this steep site in Mosman by creating destinations. As you step down into the garden from the large contemporary home, you enter different zones including a decked dining area with fully equipped kitchen, a wet edge pool and a place to lounge.

6. Balgowlah home

Garden Destinations 05
Balgowlah home by Landart

In an effort to disguise the pool fence, Landart has designed a stylish garden that encourages you to leave the comfort of the home and explore. Along with improving the aesthetics of the space, creating zones has maximised the usage of the outdoor area providing room for dining, lounging and play.