Small outdoor spaces can be trickier to design, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style or functionality.

Although you may dream of a generous-sized outdoor dining table or a modular outdoor lounge, the reality is squeezing in such a large setting is going to be impractical and only highlight how limited you are for space.

When choosing furniture for small outdoor spaces, consider how you want to use the space most of the time. Are you outdoor loungers or do you typically use the space for dining? Do you entertain or prefer the space all to yourself?

Once you know how you want to spend time outdoors, you’ll have a clearer picture of the type of furniture you need.

Here, we share with you some great options for those outdoor spaces lacking in size. From balconies to small courtyards, you’ll find a piece that’s right for you.

Chairs and Stools

Galveston Ida1
Ida dining chairs with a mix of Turon stools and bench setting

Like to dine outdoors, pull up a chair and have a beer, or simply take in the view from your balcony? There are plenty of chairs and stools that can work in spatially-challenged outdoor areas.

The Turon and Darwin are great examples of chairs that work well in small outdoor spaces. The open-style frame offers a lighter look, visually reducing the chair’s size.

Another chair that adds flexibility in the Eco Outdoor range is the Ida. The iconic director’s chair design suits any style of garden and the ability to fold it up is ideal when space is at a premium.

Stools are also a great way to save on space. If you haven’t the room for a dining table, a bar over the edge of a balcony can be the next best thing. The Turon or Lennox bar stools could be the perfect fit. A couple of low stools around a coffee table is also a great alternative to a full-sized dining setting. Ida, Turon, and Hutt are popular options and even the Barwon side table can double as a table or seating in small outdoor spaces.

Tables and Benches

Albany Darwin1
Albany square dining table with Darwin chairs

Dining tables can take up a large portion of floor spaces, so looking for a smaller design is crucial. When choosing a dining table, also consider how much space you have around the table. It pays to take out your measuring tape and working out whether you can pull out your chair or walk around the setting comfortably.

Round tables such as the Mill and Heaven can help improve the circulation and flow of the outdoor space.  Alternatively, a square table may suit the dimensions of your space better. Measuring just 800×800, our Lombard or Albany can work in a small space but still offer comfortable seating for four.

Too many chairs can clutter a small outdoor space, so swapping out chairs for benches can be a great way to improve the aesthetics while still providing functionality. The Bilpin dining table and benches is an ideal setting for those smaller gardens.


Hutt Pepper2
The Hutt 2.5 seat lounge

If a Sunday afternoon outdoors with your feet up appeals to you, then a lounge or two should be on your priority list. While the dimensions of your space may prevent you from stretching out completely on a full-sized sofa, there are a few alternatives.

2.5-seat sofa lounges such as the Hutt provide that luxurious feel without taking up too much real estate. Alternatively, you could choose an armless sofa or a modular element. Malua®, Ord® or Watego® can work in a smaller space if you think creatively.

If a lounge is too big, then a lounge chair is a must. The Hutt, Malua® or Burleigh are great options for those wanting the comfort of a cushioned seat. Smaller lounge chairs such as the Barwon easy chair and Hunter are not only a pleasure to sit in, you can easily move them about to chase the sun or use it inside too.