With distant views of the Pacific Ocean over the tops of the surrounding trees, the design team was given the task of creating a family home that took advantage of the scenery and Southern Californian climate.

Carrillo 01
The elongated building extending towards the Canyon | Photo: Nico Marques

Reinforcing the geometry of the site, Ehrlich Architects designed a series of stone structures in a simple, elongated plan to ground and locate the home’s lower level. Above sits a floating white box that extends over the lower level in the direction of the canyon and uninterrupted views.

Carrillo 02
The front entrance of the home| Photo: Nico Marques

The layout of the ground floor cleverly divides the garden into two courtyards. The entrance to the property comprises of a front courtyard, featuring large stone steppers in grass, that makes way for a large play area for the two young children. The outdoor entertaining area and infinity pool are located in the rear courtyard, maximising property’s aspect.

Carrillo 03
The formal lounge with an expansive glass facade | Photo: Nico Marques

At the entrance, a custom timber ceiling runs from the eaves through the formal lounge and out to the rear garden, guiding your eye towards the view. Expansive glass panes on pivots break up the solidity of the natural stone walls and allow for the living and dining rooms to be completely opened up to the outdoors spaces.

Carrillo 07
View into the interior of the home | Photo: Barry Schwartz
Carrillo 11
The kitchen and family dining room | Photo: Barry Schwartz

Internally, the ground floor spaces are broken up by shards of natural stone walls or custom designed cabinetry. Adjacent to the formal lounge lies a generous sized dining room with views and access to the garden, a kitchen and an informal family room. Upstairs, the cantilevered master bedroom forms a ceiling from the outdoor dining area and provides dramatic views of the canyon.

Carrillo 05
The upstairs master bedroom with views of the surrounding landscape | Photo: Nico Marques
Carrillo 06
The master bedroom cantilevering over the outdoor entertaining area| Photo: Barry Schwartz

By using the site’s geometry to dictate the home’s floor plan, Ehrlich Architects have managed to design a home that captures the best of the surrounding aspect. The pared back materials palette of glass, concrete, timber and natural stone provides visual continuity and creates a connection to the landscape.

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Photography by: Nico Marques and Barry Schwartz