Stone Walling Used In A Driveway Application

The organic paver has softened the aesthetics of this home and has added a tactile appeal. As a driveway paver, the Clancy™ pavers create a casual and welcoming entrance to the property and serves to subtly blend in with the budding gardens the border the hard surfaces.

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Clancy™ sandstone Random Ashlar walling used as driveway paving

The natural sandstone product is chipped on five sides and sawn on the back, allowing for time-effective installation without compromising on the design result.

This format also provides the textured grip that is required in a driveway with a slope or incline like this property.


Choosing an appropriately functional paver is key when deciding on the driveway surface.

Given that the driveway will be a frequently used space and will be exposed to tyre marks, oil spills and general wear and tear, one of the most important factors in the selection of driveway paver stones is durability. The tonal variation of the Clancy™ sandstone pavers makes this a forgiving material against marks from daily use.

You Should Also Choose An Appropriate Driveway Paving Colour That Will Be Forgiving In Terms Of Marks, And Look For More Textured Products Which Will Provide A Non-Slip Surface.

Often homeowners start with a concrete driveway or asphalt driveway and look to upgrade the surface later down the track as part of a home renovation or build.

If you are considering a driveway repair or driveway resurfacing, this is a great time to reconsider whether you’d like to replace your old brick pavers or concrete surface with a new material that aesthetically ties your driveway and pathways in with the rest of your house.  Like the owners of this modern home, you can always think outside of the box and use a material that you may not have previously considered