Swimming pool style options

There are four pool styles homeowners tend to opt for. Taking the time to choose the right pool style for your lifestyle will be a valuable return on your investment.

The four most common pool styles include:

1. Leisure pool

Leisure pools are a great family-sized pool ideal for jumping and diving in the deep end and with shallow areas for smaller children. Many leisure pools are designed with built-in spas and even beach areas ideal for sunbathing.

2. Lap pool

Pool Styles 03
Lap pool featuring Forest Granite Flooring

If you’re short on space or like to swim, a lap pool could be the best option for your backyard. Lap pools can be rectangularly shaped or designed to fit within the form of the architecture. While the main functionality is swimming laps, they can also include spa areas or jet functions.

3. Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pools offer your own therapeutic space located conveniently in your own home. These are designed specifically for relieving pain and soothing tight muscles in water that’s approximately 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Plunge pool

Plunge pools are a way to incorporate a relaxing water element in a restricted outdoor space. Depending on your lifestyle, plunge pools can be kept at a cool temperature, ideal for cooling off after a run, or warm for relaxation.

5. Custom-designed pool

Pool Styles 05
Custom designed pool by Atelier Andy Carson surrounded by Wamberal Walling and Chalford Flooring

A custom-designed pool is just as much about aesthetics as it is the function. These pools are designed to be the showpiece of a garden with features such as an infinity edge, waterfall and lights.

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Tips when choosing a pool style

Pool Styles 01
Rooftop pool by Aria Property Group featuring bluestone paving

When choosing a pool style, these are a few tips that can help you decide which pool style is for you.

1. Determine your lifestyle needs

Is your pool for play or relaxation? Do you want your pool to be a feature or be in visual harmony with the garden?

2. Establish your budget

Establishing a budget will help ensure you get the best quality pool you can afford that suits your lifestyle and property’s dimensions.

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3. Analyse your space

Unless you want your entire backyard filled with a pool, analysing your outdoor space will achieve the best result.

4. Speak with an expert

If you’re thinking about installing a pool, it pays to speak to an expert. Architects, landscape designers and pool designers can help you determine which pool style is right for your outdoor space. They’ll also help you choose which functions and finishes will meet your brief.

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Feature image: Entrenched Landscapes using our Duro Limestone Flooring