Natural stone wall panels embody all the qualities of full-size stone pieces with the added benefit of being versatile and straightforward to install. The irregular surface texture and depth of the natural open cut delivers an authentic feel, grounding the architecture in the landscape. Within the interior, the stone wall panels can add visual interest and an organic, tactile nature to a contemporary or classic space.

The depth of the stone wall panels creates natural shading and surface texture emphasising the beauty of the stone

Stonewallpanel 04
‘Grampians’ stone wall panels | Williams Burton Architects

As a cladding product, the stone is delivered in panels offering a lightweight alternative to full-size, loose stone pieces. Split on the face and sawn on the back allows for the stone wall panels to be efficiently adhered to the suitable substrates. The interlocking corner units and capping options offers versatility, ideal for a variety of applications inside and out. And a high level of dimensional accuracy helps you achieve a controlled outcome for your desired residential or commercial space.

Stonewallpanel 05
‘Lang Lang’ stone wall panels | Eckersley Garden Architecture
Stonewallpanel 03
‘Grampians’ Stone wall panels| MIFGS

Use the stone wall panels to anchor existing design elements like the architecture’s façade or a swimming pool wall. Emphasis elements such as a fireplace, outdoor shower or barbeque bench. The stone cladding is also effective at linking built forms like columns, stairs and retaining walls with the surrounding landscape.

Natural shading and light variation for an authentic feel

Our stone wall panel range consists of five finishes each offering their own unique look and feel. ‘Flinders’ for example, features sandy colour tones with a rugged finish, whereas ‘Lang Lang’ cladding comprises of steely grey slate with limited colour variations. Warm browns and greys run through the ‘Grampians’ stone, the grey slate of ‘Macedon’ is offset by natural rust tones and a subtle mix of soft greys and browns can be seen in the ‘Otway’ stone panels.

Stonewallpanel 01
Left: ‘Otway’ Right: ‘Flinders’ stone wall panels | Rollingstone Landscapes
WA STO 53 Macedon
‘Macedon’ stone wall panels | Eckersley Garden Architecture

As light and shadows are cast on the stone, the natural colour tones come into their own. The beauty of stone lies within the imperfections – the age, patina and textural variation, all adding depth and visual interest to the space.

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