When homeowner Garren decided to transform the outdoor living space for his family, he enlisted an experienced team to deliver on his design ideas. Garren explained he drew on inspiration from the ocean views of his previous home for the new property. Collaborating with David Ticchio of ReStone was key to the overall design and layout of the outdoor space, as well as bringing in Babbington Landscapes to green-up the garden areas.

Detail of the Barrimah Traditional Format natural stone walling by Eco Outdoor

The garden’s iconic feature is an impressive Barrimah stone wall which spans 754 square feet along the boundary of the property. The structure is clearly visible from the interior and envelops the tranquil pool to provide privacy.

Its sandy color palette and fossilized artefacts sprinkled throughout the sandstone provides visual interest and reflects the nearby beach landscape. Aesthetically, the traditional format combined with the distressed finish is striking but to ensure cohesiveness and balance, every piece of stone was personally examined and carefully placed by the team.

The alfresco dining room ideal for entertaining all year round
The lounge flowing onto the alfresco dining space

Adding greenery to all areas of the garden was the responsibility of Babbington Landscapes. Not only did their design bring life into the outdoor space, it also emphasizes the coastal atmosphere owner Garren was aiming to channel. Their selection of plant species and arrangement was highly considered, explained Garren. This was to ensure the textures and solidity of the Barrimah stone wall remained visible in between the lush foliage.

The planting offset by the architectural feature, Garren and David agree was their favorite element of the project. Complimenting the home’s contemporary form were plants with structure and interesting shapes. When combined with softer foliage this created a visual balance in the garden.

Boldly framed by the natural stone feature wall, the serene pool adds to the coastal atmosphere of the outdoor space. A large stretch of grass, running between the water and alfresco dining area, emphasises the generous garden space and has achieved the sense of openness Garren craved. It also provides the family a place to play or laze about at their leisure.

The intimate courtyard lounge ideal for relaxing
The intimate courtyard lounge ideal for relaxing

Tucked around the side of the home is an intimate outdoor lounge area which could have become a disused space if not for the clever design approach. Drawing the owners out of the interior is the Jericho limestone flooring expertly arranged in a herringbone pattern to form a visual connection with the internal timber floors. Again the Barrimah stone wall takes centre stage as the row of bamboo establishes itself offering privacy and a green element to the space. Finishing the courtyard is the generously proportioned Balsa outdoor lounges which encourage relaxation and entertaining with friends and family.

The stone feature wall highly visible from inside
Kitchen facing onto the alfresco area and garden

For Garren, the results of the project exceeded all expectations. He puts this down to the collaborative efforts of his team – Eco Outdoor, David Ticchio, Babbington Landscapes and Peter Best Constructions.

It is a property that ticks all the boxes in terms of both functionality and style; whether one is playing with kids poolside, enjoying a spread in the alfresco dining area or lazing with a book in the tranquil courtyard.

The facade of the building doesn't give much away