Reflective of the classic architecture of the family home and personal style of the owners, clean lines and a light colour palette of Scala® travertine paving brings a sense of timelessness to the design.

Separate lounge, outdoor dining and pool areas make up the generous amount of contemporary hardscaping that defines the various zones and exist as the foundation for this garden scene. A softer, more organic planting style and deep grey rendered walls that recede into the background help to keep the space garden orientated, sustaining a sense of quiet relaxation among the greenery.

Easily navigated with Scala® rebated step treads, the terraced garden layout offers various levels that smoothly connect each distinct retreat back to the main house by a central lawn, further supporting the sense of ongoing growth and the various needs of the family.

A Newport limestone feature wall offers textural relief to the sawn planes of the Scala® paving while adding depth to the limited colour palette.

As graceful as it is timeless, this garden will continue to grow and flourish over time. As the garden develops and the needs of the family evolve, the overall design structure will remain alive throughout. A classic through and through, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

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