Choosing a quality pool builder

The engagement of a pool builder is one of the most important and crucial steps of your project. The experience and skills of your builder will impact the entire project and the longevity of your pool.

If you have decided to install a pool, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken the time to formulate your brief and needs before shopping around for a contractor. This is because some pool builders specialize in particular kinds of construction or types of pools. For example, some builders specialize in natural pools, while others are experts in chlorine or salt water pools. Others may be highly regarded for their infinity edged construction.

When you’ve finalized your brief, consider these aspects in order to choose a quality pool builder that’s right for your project.


Experience equals knowledge and will greatly affect the end result of your project. When assessing the company’s experience, don’t just rely on the age to determine their level of experience. You’ll want to ensure the experience is relevant to your brief.

Also, keep in mind a young company may also have retained experience from working with other builders in the industry or handed down from a previous generation.


It will pay in the long run to double check the pool builder’s licenses and insurances are up-to-date and relevant to the services they’re offering you. If you’re looking to install a fully tiled pool, for example, you’ll want to make sure the pool tiler is licensed.


Industry awards are a great way to find builders who specialize in particular types of pools. As the recipients of these awards of excellence are determined by leading industry organizations you can have peace of mind that they’re workmanship is of a high quality.

It’s important to remember, not all quality builders enter their projects in industry awards. This is just one aspect to consider along with experience, references and personal preferences.

Industry Memberships

Pool Builder 02
Pool by Kate Bell Design featuring Chalford Limestone paving

Just like home builders, many quality pool companies will hold a membership with industry organizations such as the California Spa & Pool Association (CPSA).

As with awards, not all pool builders are affiliated with industry organizations, nor is it a guaranteed sign of high quality or ethical standard. It’s important to consider a range of aspects when making your decision.


Word of mouth is one aspect of choosing a quality pool builder that shouldn’t be underestimated. Ask around your network to see if anyone has any recommendations. Knock on the doors of neighbors you know have a pool.

Request to speak to past clients of the pool company’s you’re researching so you can gain an honest testimonial. Ask about their code of conduct, whether there were any issues relating to costs or if there were any unnecessary delays.


Pool builders will hold different skillsets and construction abilities. If you’re installing a pool on a rooftop, you’ll want to engage a contractor that is experienced with the engineering and logistics of building in this location.

You’ll also want to assess the communication skills of the pool builder. If you’ve had the opportunity to talk to their previous clientele, ask about what they liked or disliked about the process. They’ll be sure to share their opinion about the builder’s communication or lack of.

Once you’ve selected your desire pool builder, make sure you’ve read all the contacts and relevant literature thoroughly.

Feature image: Pool by Entrenched Landscapes