Ever opened a deck chair after it’s been sitting out exposed to the elements all winter, only to find unsightly mould growing on the fabric? Not a great start to your summer days outdoors!

Outdoor furniture has been designed to survive under most weather conditions, but as with many things some common sense is required if you want to prolong the life of your products.

Maintaining your outdoor fabrics

Our outdoor fabrics are specifically designed for outdoor living. Their breathable, resilient, and highly durable.  And our lounges and armchairs are constructed with quick dry foam cushions to prevent mould build-up.

Just like your furniture inside your home, caring for our outdoor pieces will extend their lifetime and keep them looking great.

Here are some general tips on how to maintain your outdoor fabric:

  • Brush off any dirt before it embeds itself into the fabric weave
  • If you have outdoor linen upholstery, vacuum regularly on low suction
  • Wipe down spills as soon as they occur
  • Use only sponges or a soft bristle brush to clean
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning products, unless tested and suitable for the specific fabric
  • Avoid water pooling on the surface by positioning your furniture to allow excess water to run off
  • Rotate cushions and air dry in a well ventilated area after being wet
  • Hang fabric bean bags on hooks so they aren’t soaking in water

Mildew will grow on dirt if it isn’t removed, or if water is allowed to sit on the surface for a period of time without drying.  So take some pride in your outdoor furniture.

If the forecast is for severe storms and it’s going to rain for days on end without any relief, put your upholstered furniture undercover, or at least angle it so water isn’t allowed to collect and sink into your foam.

Regular care of your outdoor furniture will help to ensure its performance and beauty goes the distance.