Move over drab fabric and the stiff, unwelcoming materials, our latest fabric story is a fresh and welcome addition to outdoor design. Consisting of soft, luxurious and durable materials, our fabric have been designed with outdoor living in mind.

Beautiful to touch and of a colour palette which reflects our natural environment and raw materials, updating your look couldn’t be easier.

Here’s a look at the latest Eco Outdoor fabrics:


Grown and manufactured in Belgium, our linen range is changing the way we view outdoor furniture. Modern finishing techniques to increase their ability to withstand the pressures of being exposed to the natural elements. Luxurious materials that beckon you to sit, are no longer reserved for use within interiors.

15 Linens Seasonal Various Copy
Linens collection available in six colours including Elephant Grey, Jack O’ Lantern and Tempest

Our Linens collection is tough, stain repellent and shower proof.  As it’s a natural material, we suggest products upholstered in our Linens range be reserved for use under sheltered spots, like a veranda.

Linens range is deal for outdoor or indoor heavy upholstery

Slub Linen

The beauty of our Slub Linen range lies in it’s textures and irregularies. Using a traditional style loom, this unique characteristic is known as ‘slubbiness’ and is created during the spinning and weaving process.

15 Slub Linen Oat Straw Plantation Falconer Nomad Copy
The old style loom of our Slub Linen range

The neutral colour platelet includes Oat Straw to Nomad blue. Slub Linen is extremely durable due to the application of a special outdoor treatment.  The fabric is water repellent and fade resistant.

Slub Linen is ideal for outdoor or indoor upholstery

Raw Linen

Our natural Raw Linen is designed just for indoor use and is currently available in our feature colour ‘Fieldstone’. It’s the textures you’ll love.

15 Raw Linen Fieldstone 2 Copy
Our interior Raw Linen in Fieldstone

Our Raw Linen is crafted from 100% hemp and is of a heavy weight ideal interior furniture upholstery.

Raw linen is for indoor upholstery only


Broadcloth is a light fabric made in the American Sunbrella mills. It’s ideal for accesrory items like cushions.

The 100% acrylic fabric is extremely durable and will withstand being outdoors. While it’s a man-made fabric, our colour palette remains sympathetic to the tones you would see in the natural environment.

Broadcloth fabrics are ideal for outdoor or indoor upholstery, drapery and marine interiors


Made from the exact same as Sunbrella fabrics, our Basics collection is one of the most durable fabrics available. It’s fade resistant, easy to clean, water repellent and shower proof.

Dyed in neutral tonal palette, the Basics will suit almost any application. From outdoor sofa coverings to cushions, Basics fabrics are extremely hard-wearing and will survive the pressures of living outdoors.

Basics are ideal for outdoor or indoor heavy upholstery


Canvas is made of thick, 100 percent acrylic cloth, 50 percent of which is recycled. Being a strong fabric, you’ll see our Ida and Bryon furniture collections upholstered in Canvas. The heavy quality is ideal for chair slings and bean bags.

Byron bean bags hung
Our Byron bean bags hung

Produced at America’s Sunbrella mills, our colour palette remains consistent with our entire fabric collection.

Canvas is ideal for outdoor or indoor upholstery, umbrellas, drapery, marine interiors


Subtle prints can be found in our Botanicals range. The exclusive patterns perfectly complement our entire collection of outdoor fabrics.

EcoOutdoor FURN Scatters DE 06
Scatter cushions in our Botanical range

Choose from the colours of Parchment, Ash and Storm, and the three designs of simple line drawings of Eucalyptus, Leaf and Sticks.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor heavy upholstery

To view samples of our entire fabric collection, contact our sales team and we’ll help you find the right fabric for your interior or exterior space.