If you’re looking for an easy dessert recipe that heroes seasonal produce, this is it. Neil Perry has created a refreshing recipe with blood oranges that perfectly balances sweet and tart whilst it’s vibrant color appeals to our visual senses too.

This blood orange recipe only takes a few minutes to make but will require at least 3 hours in the freezer. If you’re making it for guests, prepare it in the morning and all you’ll have to do is make it look pretty on the plate when they arrive.

What you’ll need

6 blood oranges, juiced (about 14oz or 400ml)

1 lime, juiced

1 small knob of ginger, peeled, grated and squeezed to extract juice

4 tbsp. castor sugar

8.75oz (250g) strawberries, halved to serve

What to do

In a bowl, whisk together the blood orange, lime and ginger juices. Add the sugar and continue whisking until it dissolves.

Pour the blood orange mixture into a shallow metal tray. Freeze the mixture until firm to touch (approximately 3 hours).

When firm, remove the metal tray from the freezer. Break with a fork to create the granita-like form. Serve this immediately with the halved strawberries or return to the freezer and refreeze until ready to eat.


How to choose blood oranges

Blood Orange 1
Blood Orange | Image: Photo by Linh Pham

For the best-tasting blood oranges, want to choose the fruit that is the heaviest for its size and firm to touch. The vibrancy of the fruit’s color isn’t necessary and indicator for flavor so if it feels good, it’s likely to taste great. Pass on any that are soft or show spongy spots on the skin. The fruit will last refrigerated for about two weeks.


Recipe: Neil Perry

Source: goodfood.com.au

Photography: William Meppem