8 stylish driveways for curb appeal

A driveway doesn’t need to simply be a functional element that allows you and your guests to enter the property. While designing a driveway may not be as exciting as selecting decorative items such as furniture and light fittings, taking the time to ensure it is cohesive with the architecture and landscape will see you achieve greater curb appeal.

These 8 stylish driveways prove you can make this a feature of your home for all the right reasons.

1. Steep Incline

Driveway 08
Bellevue Hill home and driveway designed by Weir Phillips Architects

Weir Phillips Architects haven’t let the steep nature of this driveway become a challenge. By surfacing the driveway in Endicott Cobblestones, the architects have softened the white rendered facade of this contemporary home through its rich gray color tones and rugged feel. The textured grip of the cobblestones also makes this an excellent surface for driveways.

2. Expansive entrance

Driveway 06 Optimised
Brookfield home designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects

Located in a bush setting, Shaun Lockyer Architects have grounded this bold modernist home with a driveway of dry gray, almost black, cobblestones. Connecting the driveway to the home is the natural split stone floor tile Abyss which provides a textural contrast and connects to the home’s modernist aesthetic.

3. A nod to the 60’s

Driveway 05
Stepping House by Bower Architecture

Maintaining the original 1960’s, Bower Architecture opted for materials that connected with the home’s era and also complimented the contemporary renovation. A simple exposed aggregate driveway leads to a modern timber garage and meets a slightly curved Endicott flagstone path.

4. Coastal clifftop

Driveway 07 Optimised
Whale House by Annabelle Chapman Architects

Perched on the edge of a clifftop, this home is reached by a long driveway surfaced in Sesame Cobblestones and bordered by a Barrimah sandstone wall. Annabelle Chapman Architects have embraced the color tones synonymous with the coastal landscape and created the perfect contrast with the warm gray painted facade.

5. Modern sophistication

Driveway 01
Point Piper landscape by Aspect Studio

A contemporary home by Avril Jackson Architecture has been wrapped by a sophisticated garden created by Aspect Studio. The driveway surfaced in the cool gray tones of Granite tiles creates a clean, modern aesthetic. To add texture and warmth, Aspect Studio has bordered the driveway with Alpine Dry Stone Walling that is clothed in tropical greenery.

6. A textural escape

Driveway 02
Entrance and garden by Michael Cooke Garden Design

Layered with texture and color, the entrance to this home is more than just a driveway. The Porphyry Filetti driveway leading to the beachside home above is expansive, yet boarded by lush mass planting, Michael Cooke Garden Design have created an inviting space for the homeowners and their guests.

6. Harborside elegance

Driveway 09
Rose Bay by MHN Design Union

Driveways don’t tend to come as stylish as this one very often. MHN Design Union have specified the extremely dense stone, Fallow Granite, to finish off the entrance of this harborside property. The 007-like entrance to the home doesn’t reveal the modern, open design that lies beyond and instead provides the privacy and elegance the client desired.

7. Continuous Connection

Driveway 04 Optimised
Kate’s House by Bower Architecture

Taking on another 1960’s home, Bower Architecture have created a home that maintains its connection through materials. The Endicott Flagstone driveway continues through into the home’s courtyard and pool area. Not only is the flagstone highly practical as a driveway surface, it also is consistent with the 1960’s aesthetic.

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8. Historical farm courtyard entrance

Driveway 10
Rural Farm Courtyard by Watts Studio

Transforming a disused and unsightly driveway and entrance courtyard of this historical farmhouse became the responsibility of Watts Studio. Using Porphyry Filetti as the entire surface for the entrance, Watts Studio has added texture and European-style charm to the home which perfectly complimented the farmhouse aesthetic.