However, zeroing in on a few key details could be the difference between an average home and a well-designed home you never want to leave. That’s where hiring an architect proves invaluable.

3 Key Considerations when designing a home

Here are 3 key considerations your architect is thinking about in addition to your brief, budget and timeline.

1. Scale

Speaking to an architect, you’ll often hear them talk about the ‘human scale’ of the building. There is a fine balance between designing a home that creates a feeling of space and that is homely.

We’re seeing a growing trend of people moving towards simplifying their lives and living well on a smaller, human scale over designing Macmasions that embody the feeling of a public, gallery-like space.

2. Future planning

Designing a home for your needs now can be a costly mistake. Today, more architects are future planning their projects and not just in regards to technology. As the cost of real estate and living increases, we begin to search for ways to create a home that can adapt to the needs of multi-generations now and into the future.

Charles House by Austin Maynard Architects is the perfect example of architecture that accommodates future growth and needs of its occupants. You can read more about this project here.

3. The environment 

Considering the environmental impact of the home is not just in regards to sustainability (while still very important). One of the key considerations of designing a home that your architect is thinking about every step of the way is the environment of the site. The topography of the land, soil conditions, natural light exposure are just a few of the important factors that need to be considered when undertaking an in-depth site analysis.